15 Dumbest Mistakes of All Time

15 Dumbest Mistakes of All Time

Nowadays is the 25th birthday of the Chernobyl meltdown, one of the nearly all classy human errors in the past.

But mistakes come in many forms.

We tracked down the inflation-adjusted preparation of a number off of the nastiest mistakes ever, including terrible mergers, oil spills, and illicit sexual affairs.

1) Tiger Woods sleeps with multiple women who aren’t Elin Nordegren

tiger woold

Divorce conclusion is in 2010: $110 million

At the finish of 2009, America was shaken by gossip that Tiger Woods had engaged in several illicit sexual relationships. Within a year, Tiger agreed to a $750 million divorce conclusion with Elin Nordegren.

The total charge of this blunder was even higher if you include a stock loss for Nike, Gatorade, and other sponsors. One professor put the price as high as $12 billion.

2) Captain Edward Smith crashes the Titanic into an iceberg


Money lost in 1909: $7.5 million in shipbuilding costs

Inflation-adjusted: $168 million

The traveler liner, The Titanic, sunk on its maiden voyage from England to the United States in 1912. The Titanic was recognized as the unsinkable ship, purposely planned to build the long journey to America with no likely ability to fall.

Although one night, the ship team unobserved warnings of icebergs in their pathway and went forward. The boat strikes an iceberg and worn out the whole right surface, causing the ship to go under and killed 1,517 inhabitants.