15 Kinds of Feet and What They Say About You

13: Large Toe Pads


Enormously huge toe pads are seen as a lucky thing and this indicates that the person is a bottomless philosopher who likes to believe stuff very watchfully.

14: Tiny TOE


Childish liveliness is a point of those with little tiny toes. You’ll shy away from duty, be simply uninterested and continuously look for funny diversions. You are huge cool to be with, friendly and amusing, but your Peter Pan tendencies can land you in the problem.

In addition to if you can wiggle your small toe alone from your fourth toe; you are a spontaneous, brave, delightful flirt.

If you can’t, you worth practice, inescapability and truthfulness. Go for a gentleman who can wiggle his tiny toe if you desire a crazy, cool, frenetic wild nighttime out but as for a wedding, pick a gentleman who can’t wiggle to save his life.